Our tropical plant care specialists will add a breath of fresh air to your office space. From living walls and planter beds to floor or desk plants large and small, we create an environment conducive to productive, stress-free work.



Fresh on the Scene


Our plants are sourced from the finest nurseries, ensuring a healthy long-lasting interior landscape. Upon delivery to our warehouse, our interior team inspects each plant and cares for them until they are ready for installation. We offer a wide range of tropical and other indoor plants along with a large selection decorative containers in various colors, shapes and sizes—including many made from recycled or earth-friendly materials. 

Want greens, but not the life? We are pleased to offer a vast range of high quality imitation plants, particularly for buildings that may have restrictions on organic matter (e.g. bioengineering companies, pharmaceutical companies) 

We know it can be overwhelming to choose from such a wide variety of plants and planters -- your consultant will work with you to provide as much or as little guidance as you need. 



Living walls have high impact in transforming a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, living walls offer other benefits. Among them:

  • Increased energy efficiency by providing excellent thermal insulation

  • Improved air quality by filtering airborne pollutants, including gases from carpets and furniture

  • Reduced noise transmission by absorbing sound waves, making living walls a popular choice in high traffic zones 

We can create individual pieces or modular systems to allow for mounting on any surface. 



Every client will be assigned a horticulturist to ensure consistent, efficient service. They will water, prune, trim, clean, and fertilize as needed to keep your plants healthy. Additionally, guaranteed plants will be replaced as necessary.

Over time, our horticulturist also become experts of your building and environment, which means you won't have to give tours and communicate building specific protocols every time someone comes to service your plants. We take great pride in the high level of service and quality of products that we provide, so we personally care for your plants and never outsource maintenance to others. 




As a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience,
we are not only experts of all things green, but also experts of servicing corporate clients.
We believe that excellence is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients. 


One of our seasoned consultants will meet with you on-site to get to know your environment, and also get to know you. 

We value familiarizing ourselves with your day-to-day responsibilities just as much as familiarizing ourselves with your space in order to develop a working relationship that is most optimal for you.


After the meeting, our consultants will send proposals for your consideration based on your aesthetic preferences and financial requirements. We iterate designs with you until we get it right. 

All of our consultants have extensive experience in all of our services, enabling you to work with a single consultant for all of your styling needs.


Once a proposal is approved, your consultant works closely with designers to bring the proposal to life. 

In most instances, designers will personally deliver, style, and/or install your order to ensure preservation of design and quality. 


We assign technician teams to every account to ensure consistency in the care and maintenance of interior plants and exterior landscapes. 

Our technicians quickly become experts of your space and atmosphere to ensure minimal disruption during their service routine.

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