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Thank you for your interest in Four Seasons Greenery.

Our focus is to enrich your office and surrounding environment with healthy plants, creative designs and green maintenance practices. Since 1993, we’ve made that happen by listening closely to customers and hiring and training the very best team possible—including our interior and exterior designers, skilled florists and informed and courteous plant maintenance staff.

We look forward to serving you.


James Crosby

President of Four Seasons Greenery 

Our Green Plant Practices

At Four Seasons Greenery, we are mindful of the important role that healthy plants play in your office, our facilities and the world. To reflect this, we make every effort to follow green practices in what we do:

  • Integrated pest management in place of pesticides 

  • Water-efficient irrigation systems

  • Composting program for all used plant materials

  • Energy-efficient lighting in our warehouse

  • Low fossil fuel plant containers

  • Office-wide recycling program


Going green is a learning process, so we’re always striving to improve. We look forward to joining with you on this journey!




As a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience,
we are not only experts of all things green, but also experts of servicing corporate clients.
We believe that excellence is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients. 


One of our seasoned consultants will meet with you on-site to get to know your environment, and also get to know you. 

We value familiarizing ourselves with your day-to-day responsibilities just as much as familiarizing ourselves with your space in order to develop a working relationship that is most optimal for you.


After the meeting, our consultants will send proposals for your consideration based on your aesthetic preferences and financial requirements. We iterate designs with you until we get it right. 

All of our consultants have extensive experience in all of our services, enabling you to work with a single consultant for all of your styling needs.


Once a proposal is approved, your consultant works closely with designers to bring the proposal to life. 

In most instances, designers will personally deliver, style, and/or install your order to ensure preservation of design and quality. 


We assign technician teams to every account to ensure consistency in the care and maintenance of interior plants and exterior landscapes. 

Our technicians quickly become experts of your space and atmosphere to ensure minimal disruption during their service routine.

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