'Pearls & Jade' Pothos

'Pearls & Jade' Pothos


The common pothos is a favorited, low-maintenance indoor plant, and the 'Pearls & Jade' is an eye-catching variety we can't keep our hands off of! 'P&J' is slower to grow and has cuter, smaller leaves than other pothos varieties, but the marbled cream and green just never gets old to gaze upon!


Comes in a 4" grow-pot with the option of purchasing a ceramic pot for an additional $7. Pots in photos may not reflect actual decorative pot you'll receive, but we will keep it in the same color and texture scheme!


  • Plant Care

    When the first top inch of soil is dry to the touch, or visibly dry, give your plant a good drink! Make sure you let the water completely drain from the pot, and never let the roots sit in water or else they will rot and end the plant's life.

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    $10.00 - Any address within a 01824 zip code.

    $20.00 - Locations which fall within a 35-mile radius of Chelmsford, MA.

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